Monday, January 5, 2009

Table Tennis Saga In Singapore

Kudos to Singapore Table Tennis Team. They have finally fulfilled our thirst for a medal in the Olympics since Tan Howe Liang's medal in 1960. Unfortunately, Er Lee Bee Wah, President of Singapore Table Tennis Association, was criticized by many oblivous singaporeans. Was coach Liu Guo Dong the main factor in our silver medal? Or is it the team work of the paddlers?
From my perspective, if coach Liu is the reason, why didnt China National Team take him? Could another coach make a different? I believe that if Ex-national paddler, Ms Jing Jun Hong had taken charge of the team, the team would have received a medal also. In fact, the players played a more important role than a coach. Hence, why did Er Lee Bee Wah try to dismiss coach Liu? The reason is still unknown to all. For those who know the answer, please enlighten me and vindicate President of STTA.

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